Mountain Party is a five piece rock and roll band from Atlanta, Georgia featuring members of Pony League, Book Club, Big Computer, and North Trolls. The band is as indebted to Springsteen and Petty as they are late 90s and early aughts pop punk, and Mountain Party's music treads carefully between quick hits of punk bombast and earnest reflections with journeyman dynamic instrumentation that only comes from jamming together in various bands for years and years.

Think the E-Street Band doing Weakerthans and Desaparecidos covers and you're halfway there.

Mountain Party practices in a basement and plays shows in bars on occasion and performs loud and often cathartic music about the everyday trauma of the American experience.

Mountain Party is Justin Green (vocals, guitar), Jay Howell (drums, vocals), Charlie Mills (guitar), Mason Turner (bass), and Gus Fernandez (keys, vocals).